5 Clever Ways to Create Urgency on a Sales Page

Urgency on a Sales Page

Urgency on a sales page is a great tactic for increasing your sales. Creating a sense of honest urgency can help to convert more buyers because it forces them to decide yes or no.

If your sales page is missing a sense of urgency, then there is no reason for someone to make a decision right now. And if they don’t decide while they are on the page, then they might forget and never buy.

I don’t want you to think I’m encouraging any sort of dishonest urgency. People see right through those sales tactics and get turned off immediately. No, I’m talking about creating some real urgency that will get people’s attention in a real way.

5 Ways to Create Urgency on a Sales Page

1. Countdown Timer

Countdown timers are awesome for anything where the cart is closing. It adds a real deadline that people can see. I love Motion Mail for a free option. Many page builders will have countdown timers built in too.

Tripwire pages can be hard to do with a timer since they are reset for each person viewing the page. Deadline Funnel is a popular option but has a monthly cost.

I’m using LeadPages and they allow you to set a redirect for when the timer runs out. Perfect for creating real urgency!

There is also a WordPress plugin that has been recommended to me, but I haven’t used it. Evergreen Countdown Timer can do both standard and evergreen timers.

2. Scarcity

Another option for creating urgency on a sales page is to have limited spots or products available.

Do this honestly if you choose this option! Don’t sneak other people into your program behind the scenes!

Offering a limited amount of products or spaces at one time allows you to also offer pre-sales. This can be a great incentive to get people on your email list so they can be notified the next time it will be going on sale.

List building AND sales? Sign me up!

3. Price Increase or Flash Sale

You can also use a price increase or flash sale to give a sense of urgency on a sales page.

If you are planning to raise the price of your product then use some special buttons or headlines to promote that and create urgency on the sales page.

A flash sale to your list or in your welcome sequence can be a great incentive for people to purchase.

Sometimes people will add a price increase in the middle of a regular launch sale to encourage people to buy early in the promotion too. So your launch price is $149 for the first three days of the sale and then $169 for the last three days before going up to $199 for the evergreen price.

4. Disappearing Bonuses

Don’t forget the power of disappearing bonuses! A fast action or early bird bonus at the beginning of your sale or a bonus only available during that launch will create urgency too.

If you’re setting up an evergreen funnel for your product, then creating a bonus that is only available to people who buy during the first 24 hours can work wonders for your conversion rate.

5. Urgency in your language

Lastly, using language to create urgency can be done in many different ways.

Language that explains what a customer would be missing out on if they don’t buy can be a good low-key option to create some urgency.

Or instead of generic buy buttons experiment with wording such as “Join Now!” or “I’m In!”

And, your headlines are a great place to add in words like “Hurry!” or “Limited time offer” to encourage people to make a decision.

These are super simple ways to add urgency to a sales page and can make a big difference in your conversion rates.

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