3 Ideas to Help You Start an Online Business in 2023

Start an Online Business

It’s not too late to start an online business. There is still plenty of money to be made on the internet. In fact, there are more opportunities now than there were even five years ago.

But of course, the question is, what type of business should you start? It can be overwhelming when you see so many social media posts about making passive income, how to start a blog, or how you can make millions with bitcoin 🙄.

There are three main categories of online businesses you can start. You can sell products, services, or knowledge.

3 Different Online Business Ideas That You Could Start From Home

1. Start an Online Business Selling a Product

Soap, food, crafts, templates, or hundreds of other items can be sold either online, in stores, or at events like festivals or farmer’s markets.

There are lots of different places where you can create accounts to sell online such as Etsy. Or you can create your own website and market directly to the consumer that way.

2. Start an Online Business Selling a Service

There are a lot of odd jobs that you could do for people in person, like becoming a dog walker, grocery shopper, or personal assistant.

Join something like TaskRabbit or post on social media and have a way for people to book your services like Acuity or Calendly.

You can also offer online services by becoming a Virtual Assistant.

That’s the kind of business that I started many years ago. I started working as a VA and I did all sorts of tasks for different online and brick-and-mortar businesses.

You can get started with something as simple as keeping somebody’s email inbox under control. I know that’s a service that I’d love to get done for me so that I don’t have hundreds and hundreds of emails just waiting for me to reply to.

Kayla Sloan is a VA and has a great blog post with a whole list of services you can offer.

There are also things like proofreading or transcribing, graphic design, blog writing, and more!

I would suggest checking out some of the virtual assistant websites or Facebook groups and you can find out if that might be something for you.

3. Start an Online Business Selling Your Knowledge

There are a few different ways to sell your knowledge. First, you can offer coaching or consulting services based on your skills and experience. Such as a weight-loss coach, a business consultant, or a relationship coach.

Alternatively, you can sell your knowledge in a course or membership program. This means you’ll work with more people at once and it can be easier to meet your income goals that way. Also, if it’s a membership, you are guaranteed recurring income!

From Idea to Offer

If you need more guidance on how to take your ideas and make them into an offer that people will buy, then check out the From Idea to Offer Bundle in the store. The From Idea to Offer workbook will lead you through the entire process of turning your idea into a best-selling offer. From deciding what to offer, to refining your offer, you’ll find everything you need inside this workbook.

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    I tried to take your quiz to determine what kind of online business is right for you but I couldn’t move forward when you asked a question about how old your children were. My God, I don’t have kids! Why isn’t there an option or answer for those of us that don’t have children?

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