3 Things to Test to Increase Conversions on Your Sales Page

Increase Conversions

You wrote your sales copy and launched your product. Now, how can you increase conversions on your page? I get asked all the time what a typical conversion rate is. Conversions are sales that occur based on a variety of factors. Typically, you can expect around 3% to 5% of people who visit your sales page to convert and actually buy your product or service.

This means if you want to make 100 sales, you’ll need to get a heck of a lot of people to your sales page in order to increase conversions.

What’s interesting about this is that you can actually double your revenue if you went from a 3% conversion rate to 6%. This is an attainable goal thanks to A/B testing. Here are 3 things you can focus on improving to increase conversions on your sales page.

1. Tweak Your Headline

Your headline is hands down, one of the most important parts of your sales copy. In fact, a lot of people won’t read past your headline if it’s not captivating. Ask yourself if you’re hitting on that #1 pain point people are having. If not, this is the first thing you’ll need to change. 

Try to really hook people with your headline so they will stick around to read the rest of your sales copy. Most people are reading a headline and deciding quickly whether they want to keep reading. The longer they read and determine whether the product is right for them, the better chances you have to increase conversions.

This is why your headline should be super interesting and it helps to know your audience and their needs extremely well so you can write to them.

2. Change Your Button Copy

I know your button copy doesn’t sound too exciting, but it’s a small feature that can have a big impact on conversions. Odds are, you have a call-to-action button sprinkled throughout your sales page but be mindful of what it says.

A button that simply says ‘buy now’ is probably not going to convert as much as a button that says ‘Count me in!’ or ‘I’m ready to join your membership!’ Make your button copy exciting so it doesn’t look like a typical sales button.

3. Add a Transformation Story

People love transformation stories and this is a great way to connect with your audience and increase conversions. Transformation stories showcase the possibility of results even before a person buys your product.

If you’re updating sales copy for something you’ve been selling for a while now, it would be great to highlight a client or student and their success. If not, you can always tell your transformation story. Talk about:

  • Where you were before
  • What was the problem
  • What the solution was
  • How it was implemented (ie. Perfect place to plug your product/service and share how it helped)

Then, be sure to talk about how things look now that you or someone else achieved certain results. What is is like now that you no longer have that problem?

If you have someone you can interview for a transformation story, this would be a great video or audio clip to add to your sales page. Be sure to talk to someone who can provide proof of the transformation whether this is an increase in their income or screenshots of their traffic going up for example. 

Increase Conversions By Tracking Them

I like to track my conversions to see whether they are going up or down monthly. You can find the Sales Funnel Audit workbook as a bonus for Quick Start Sales Funnels. It tells you how to assess your conversion rate based on the number of sales and how many people landed on the page. You can make tweaks and figure out what the rate is.

Once you make these tweaks and track your conversions closely, you’ll see that it doesn’t take much to double your income and your sales rate from 3% to 6%.

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