Digital Marketing Vault

Emma Lee Bates

Digital Marketing Vault is run by Emma Lee Bates, a Project Manager and Copywriter. She’s been an online entrepreneur for over seven years. Before she jumped into the online business space she started, grew, and sold a gluten-free and vegan granola company. 

Emma is obsessed with creating templates to make her life easier. She feels that templates are a game changer for online businesses. She’s collected all the templates she’s created for herself and clients into this Digital Marketing Vault.

If she’s not making new templates, she’s reading romance novels or fanfiction, hanging out with her three kids and husband, or eating ice cream in bed. 

Looking for something specific?

Are you looking for a template, swipe file, guide, or workbook that you can’t find anywhere? Drop me a note and let me know what you’re looking for! I’m always making new things and love suggestions.