Achieve Your Goals With This 12-Week Year Planner

12-Week Year Planner

Goals are the foundation of success

No matter what you’re trying to achieve, you’re not going to find success unless you make big goals and break them into smaller goals, then work hard to achieve them. Creating a 12-week year planner is a great first step towards reaching those goals!

I love the help of a paper tracker for tracking my progress. Journaling is also a wonderful success tool because it helps you put your thoughts on paper to make your goals seem more realistic and attainable.

Why a 12-week goal works

If you haven’t read The 12-Week Year yet, do yourself a favor and go get a copy.

Setting a goal that is 12 weeks away is the perfect length of time to focus. It is far enough away you can get a lot done, but close enough that you don’t forget what you are working on. 

You don’t need to set goals that can only be done in 12 weeks though. Your goal can be to earn a million dollars by the time you reach 30 even if you’re only 20. You just break that goal down into smaller goals that span 12 weeks.

A 12-week year planner will help you move through the time in an organized manner so you don’t get lost in those little tasks that seem to come up in life.

How to track your goals in the 12-Week Year Planner

Once you’ve set your 12-week goal, write it on the top of the first page. Then, break the goal down into weekly goals.

On the next twelve pages, you can break those weekly goals down into daily tasks. You might not have a task to do each depending on your goal.

Don’t think everything needs to be perfect. You can erase and cross out. Make it special to you though, add some stickers, washi tape, or your favorite saying. This will motivate you to actually keep track every day!

Make notes each week about your feelings, goals, and tasks. What works for you? What would you do differently next time?

Think of your 12-week year planner as your roadmap to achieving your BIG SCARY GOAL! 

Keep it visible!

When your big goal is broken down into smaller goals, it’s easier to achieve. But the key to getting it all done is to keep it visible! Post your current weekly goals in an easily visible place. Near your desk or work area if possible.

Remember not to give yourself too much to do each day. Keep your task list small and manageable. The less you stress yourself out, the more you will actually accomplish.

Wake up each day and do your 12-week task first! You’ll gain some momentum for the day and set yourself up for success.

Write it down, cross it off the list every day, and do it.

How Journaling Helps with 90-Day Goals

Journaling or taking notes at the bottom of each weekly page helps me to work through problems and keep my focus. On bad days I love going back and reading what I’ve done toward my goal and remembering how much I’ve actually accomplished.

If you’re feeling down, you write.

If you’re feeling happy, you write.

Then you review what you’re writing. You might learn something about how you think on certain days that can help you succeed more.

Do you notice you eat well or work out harder on days you’re more successful in reaching your goals?

Use that and everything else you’re learning from your 12-week year planner to help you improve yourself, your actions, and your life to crush your goals further.

Your life is all you get. You have to make it count every single day if you want to get the most out of it. You can sit back and wonder what would have happened if you’d started setting 12-week goals months ago, or you could just do it.

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  1. Hi Emma. It is nice to stop by at your webpage. I am so excited to know 12 Week Year method as I finished the first chapter of the book last week. With the shorter time frame (12 week) rather than 12 month we are familiar for years, I believe the method could answer my effort in the struggle to achieve my personal and business goals faster and in better way. I am so glad you that you offer the 12-Week Planner for free. I hope I could get the copy in my inbox very soon. Thank for your generoucity.

  2. So great! I know I already commented but just trying to figure out how to get the planner? I clicked on the picture but nothing happened? Or do you send it to my email? Thanks!

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